SPACE21 LGW Embassy in Kurdistan-Iraq

Le Guess Who? ‘s borderless and boundary-crossing ethos led us to create a platform that promotes international collaboration with partners to amplify their local scenes to an international audience: LGW Embassies. During this year’s festival, we’re sharing experiences and artists from Kurdistan-Iraq, India, Egypt, Brazil, Mexico, Sudan, China and Palestine. We are approaching this hybrid platform as an opportunity to democratize culture and use digital content as a vehicle to disseminate ideas, involve audiences and promote real-life gatherings. With LGW Embassies, we’re showcasing the originality and creativity of China’s diverse indie music scenes and we’re presenting a musical incubator for artists that shows the cultural wealth of Brazil condensed in the state of Pernambuco. We’ll have a tour through the music scene of Cairo, a listening journey to the city of Slemani (Kurdistan-Iraq), get to know the strong rhythms, melancholy lyrics, and bittersweet taste of the Sudanese music scene and also MEXPOSURE, “el sonido del barrio”, a playful combination of sounds, rhythms and other explorations from the different neighborhoods and streets of Mexico City.